Moving often requires many more steps than simply transferring your belongings from your current house to your new home. In many situations, one of the essential steps is placing some or more of your possessions in storage for a period of time.

Whether you need storage while decluttering and downsizing or while purchasing your next home, the company you decide to store with is a major factor that plays into the overall logistics of your move. In this blog, we discuss six reasons to store with your moving company.

1. Cost-Effective

Every time you sign a contract with a company for a service, that service package comes with relevant taxes, fees and other charges. If you choose to move with one company and store with another, you could potentially end up paying to move your items to the storage facility, store everything and then finally transport your belongings to your home.

When you move and store with the same company, all of your transition-related expenses will end up costing less overall because you're only accountable for a single set of taxes and fees. Additionally, bundling these services together may make you eligible for discounts or special rates that can also save you money.

2. Convenient

You must keep track of myriad pieces of information when you move, from the names of your new utility companies to when you need to change your address with the post office. When you work with a single company for all of your packing, shipping and storage, you gather a lot of your moving information into one place.

For example, you will receive fewer communications to keep track of, be issued fewer keys and work with fewer individuals whom you may need to vet over the course of the moving process.

You may be able to consult on site with your movers when you come to your storage unit, move your items into the unit gradually with professional help and otherwise make your move more convenient as well.

3. Professional

Like most homeowners, you probably spent significant time finding a moving company that you felt you could trust to provide the services you needed with integrity and professionalism. When you choose to store with this company as well, you automatically get better help every step of the way.

This expertise can provide you with peace of mind that you're truly getting the services you need at the best possible price.

Additionally, you no longer have to worry about filling in the gaps yourself with the help of friends and family. Instead, each portion of the moving process is left in the hands of movers whom you already know you can rely on.

4. Safe

Not only does moving and storing with the same company provide you with more expert assistance, but this professional oversight can also keep your belongings safer. Because you already know who your movers are, you also know that no under-trained individuals will be shifting your belongings.

By extension, you know that your chosen storage unit is more likely to be well maintained because your moving company's reputation depends on providing both services well.

5. Secure

Homeowners in transition are often targets for thieves because all of their valuables are placed together in a single location. Unattended moving trucks and under-secured storage units can both put your items at risk.

When you work with a single company, your belongings are kept more secure during the whole process because you don't have to worry about operating the truck at any point on your own.

Additionally, moving company storage facilities are often attached to offices. This means many people will be nearby at all times, rather than just a single busy manager. In some cases, these storage units are even designed like warehouses, which makes your possessions even less vulnerable to would-be burglars.

To ensure that your belongings are secure, talk to your mover about their storage facilities before making a final decision.

6. Versatile

In addition to the primary services of physically moving your belongings and storing them, you may need other services during a move as well. When you work with two separate companies, you may not have access to as many services over the course of the process.

For example, your mover may offer insurance options that do not cover your belongings when they're stored at a third-party facility, or your mover may offer unpacking services, but only when the unpacking happens as part of your main service through them. In both cases, storing with someone else would limit your options.

If you need storage during your upcoming move, consider choosing a mover that can provide both services to reap the benefits listed above.

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